Guidelines for juries at Senior Nordic Shooting Championships

The General Regulations of the ISSF, Annex J to Art. “GUIDELINES FOR JUDGES” takes precedence in all cases except when the NSR Council decide to set aside a specific rule or regulation.

Juries shall be designated by the NSR Council or Technical Committee for all Nordic Championships. Juries are responsible for assisting and supervising the staff of the Organizing Committee in conducting the competitions. In general the match staff is responsible for the actual conduct of competitions while the Jury advises and supervises the staff.

The Juries of the Nordic Championships should have the following minimum composition:

Disciplines Total Host Federation Other Federations
Shotgun 3 1 2
Pistol 3 1 2
Rifle 3 1 2
Running Target 3 1 2
Classification * 3 1 2
Jury of Appeal 3 1 T.D.

* When one or more events are using electronic scoring targets, 5 classification jury members are recommended.

The Discipline Jury serves as the Jury for Arms and Equipment Control.

The local transportation and living expenses (single room) for the designated jury members must be paid by the organizing committee. The travel expenses must be paid by the organizing committee at an amount following ISSF 3.4.7.

All Jury members must be ISSF license holders. They must not be team officials, but they may assist their national team in practical matters.

Chairmen of the Juries should normally be provided by visiting federations.

Additional Jury Members may be nominated for all juries at the financial expense of the nominating federations – the Technical Committee would recommend the appropriate numbers after consultation with NSR Member Federations and host federation.

The Technical Delegate shall be from one of the visiting federations and be appointed by the NSR Council at its last meeting before the Nordic Championship in question.

The duties of the Technical Delegate and the Juries are specified in the ISSF Rules and Regulations and the NSR checklist.

Approved in September 2006 in Copenhagen by the General Assembly.