Guidelines for Technical Delegate

The NSR Council appoints Technical Delegates to supervise Nordic Shooting Championships.

Technical Delegate's General Responsibilities

Examine and confirm the acceptability of organizing committee plans and preparations for the championship including the acceptability of the ranges and other facilities.

Confirm that the championship is organized in accordance with ISSF Rules and Regulations.

Work closely and if necessary advice the NSR Juries and national competition officials during the championships to assure that the championship is conducted according to ISSF Rules and Regulations.

The Organising Committee will meet necessary pre-event expenses.

Technical Delegate's Activities and Duties before the Championships

Obtain the following information from the Secretariat:

List of judges who will serve as Jury members (for shotgun events a list of referees) and ensure that they have the appropriate licenses.

The current list of Nordic Records, and Continental Records if appropriate.

The current list of ISSF rule changes and interpretations.

During the Training Period Before the Championship

Work closely with the Organizing Committee’s Competition Director on all matters regarding the organization and conduct of the championship.

Review the transportation schedule for athletes, officials and jury members etc.

Make a final check of the ranges according to the technical inspection checklists (included in this Annex). Advise any necessary corrections to the Organizing Committee. If Electronic Scoring Targets are used, targets must be checked for functioning and accuracy (this may be delegated by the TD to the appropriate jury)

Confirm the suitability of the Organizing Committee’s Start Lists, liaising with the Classification and Competition Jury Chairman, with particular reference to relay start times, firing point and squad draws.

Work with the Competition Director to prepare the Technical Meeting.

Review the media operations plan and preparations for media activities.

Review and, if possible rehearse, the conduct of Finals and victory ceremonies.

During the Championship

Work closely with the Competition Director and Organizing Committee staff on a continuous basis to advise and resolve any issues or questions that arise concerning the conduct of the championship.

Liaise with organizing committee staff to ensure the correct conduct of the Finals and victory ceremonies.

After the Championship

As soon as possible after the championship, prepare a final report on the conduct of the Championship. The report must include:

A summary of the competitions that took place during the championship.

A report on all protests and decisions.

Approved in September 2006 in Copenhagen by the General Assembly.