General rules and instructions for organizing the Senior Nordic Shooting Championships

1. Purpose

1.1. The purpose of these rules is to give guidance and instructions for organising the Senior Nordic Shooting Championships between the member Federations of the Nordic Shooting Region (Denmark, Finland, Great Britain, Iceland, Norway and Sweden).


2. Ratification of and amendments to the rules

2.1. These rules were ratified by the NSR General Assembly in Copenhagen 2006.

2.2. English is considered to be the basic working language for the Nordic Shooting Region/Championships. In case of disagreements in the interpretation or use of these rules, the English language version shall prevail.

2.3. Amendments, additions and deletions to these rules may only be made by a two-thirds majority of the General Assembly of the Nordic Shooting Region.


3. General

3.1. The organising Federation should always endeavour to provide alternative accommodation at a reasonable cost in such places as school dormitories, army barrack etc., etc.

3.2. The entry fees should be kept as low as possible, but should cover the expenses of the organising federation. The other member federations should be notified of the cost of entry fees as early as possible to enable them to decide on the strength of their teams.

3.4. A lavish banquet is not compulsory. If one is arranged, its costs may be defrayed by collecting extra fees from the individual shooters and officials, but the cost of such a banquet may not be included in the competition entry fees.


4. Nomi federation of the organizer of the Senior Nordic Shooting Championships

4.1. The NSR Council shall take decisions on applications from Member Federations for organizing Senior Nordic Championships for the following year at its yearly meeting.

4.2. The application must be submitted four month before the yearly Council meeting and shall cover all parts of these General Rules and Instructions.


5. Conditions

5.1. Only shooters from the member federations of the Nordic Shooting Region may compete for, or receive the title "Nordic Champion" in the events included in the program of the Nordic Shooting Championships.

5.2. Only member federations of the Nordic Shooting Region may compete for the team championships.

5.3. To award medals and the title "Nordic Champion" participation of not less than three member federations is required.

5.4. The organising federation may invite teams from non-member federations to participate in the Nordic Shooting Championships, provided that such invitations have been approved by and agreed by at least two-thirds of the Nordic Shooting Region member federations.

5.5. Juniors by age may participate in the seniors events.


6. Preferable organisation and duration of the championships

6.1. Only one Nordic Senior Shooting Championships for the same discipline or event shall be organized in any one calendar year

6.2. The number of days for the championships must not exceed one training day and three competition days. A weekend must be included.


7. Information to member federations

7.1 A preliminary information bulletin (No.1) shall be sent to each member federation at least five months before the championships. The information should include the name of the host city, location of ranges, type and cost of board and lodging available, transportation details, etc. With this information bulletin will be sent the preliminary entry form "A", with the decided list of events requesting the number of participants in each event. Non-refundable entry fees shall be paid together with the return of the form “A” not later than one month after receipt of the bulletin.

7.2. A further information bulletin (No.2) shall be sent to each member federation at least two months before the championships. This should include a detailed championships program. With this second bulletin will be sent the final registration forms "B", requesting the names of all shooters and officials. Entries exceeding the number paid for (see Art. 7.1) may be refused by the organizers, if they cannot be included without changing the detailed program.

7.3. Reservations at hotels and other accommodation shall be made in good time by the organising federation (eg. a year in advance).


8. The possible shooting events at the Nordic Championships

8.1. Any event recognized by the ISSF, the ESC, or the NSR and events that exists in the program of at least three member federation's federational championships, may be the subject of a Senior Nordic Championships.  The maximum number of  shooters to participate from any federation will be stipulated by the organising country.


9. Participation, team size

9.1. All shooters nominated for participation in the Nordic Championships must have been citizens of the country which he/she represents for at least two years and he/she must comply with the Eligibility Rules (Section 4.0) of the ISSF

9.2. As a minimum each federation shall be allowed to participate in each event with one team. At the discretion of the organiser, B teams may be invited in any or all events, to compete on equal terms.

9.3. All leaders, coaches, officials and shooters participating in the Nordic Championships must be well acquainted with and abide by the ISSF rules and regulations, and the General ans Shooting Rules and instructions for organising the Nordic Shooting Championships.

9.4. Team size in all events is 3 participants.


10. The shooting ranges

10.1. There is no specification for any minimum number of firing points at any of the ranges used. There must, however, be adequate accommodation and technical equipment to enable all the shooting events included in the program to be efficiently carried out.

10.2. If it is absolutely necessary, due to the force of circumstances, some of the events may be organised at a place other than at which the main activities are held. All events should, however, take place at the same place whenever possible.


11. Range installations and facilities

11.1. Rest rooms or tents shall, if possible, be provided for the use of participating teams to change their clothes, store their equipment, shelter from the rain or sun, etc.

11.2. Equipment Control in accordance with the ISSF Rules must be organised, and the times and places for such control must be announced to the shooters and team officials.

11.3. A cafeteria or snack tent should be at or near to the ranges whenever possible.

11.4. A qualified medical officer shall be appointed and he shall be available at short notice at the ranges during the competitions.

11.5. Adequate toilet facilities shall be provided at the ranges.

11.6. A suitable press room, reserved solely for the use of journalists and equipped with a telephone, shall be provided whenever possible.


12. Juries

12.1. Applications to run Championships must include proposals for the  provision of jury members.

12.2. Juries shall be formed  - as set out in the Guidelines - for Appeal, Rifle, Pistol, Shotgun, Running Target and Classification, depending upon the program of Events and locations of the various ranges. Judges shall be appointed in advance by the NSR Council or the NSR Technical Committee

12.3. The Jury Members shall be bound  to advise, supervise and assist where necessary, the Organising Committee.  The local transportation and living expenses (single room) for the designated jury members must be paid by the organizing committee. The travel expenses must be paid by the organizing committee at an amount following ISSF 3.4.7. (800 USD, 2005)

12.4. All Jury Members must be ISSF License holders.

12.5. Shooters and Team Officials must not be members of a Jury. Jury members must not advise or assist shooters beyond the scope of the ISSF Rules at any time during the competition [ISSF Rule 6.4.4]. However, they may assist their federational teams in practical administrative matters off the ranges.


13. Medals and awards

13.1. Nordic Shooting Region special medals will be awarded to the Champion (gilt), the shooter who places second (silver), and the shooter who places third (bronze) in each event in the program.

13.2. Medals are awarded to individual shooters only if a minimum of six shooters participate.

13.3. The winning team in each event will be awarded gilt medals, one medal to each member of the team. None is issued to teams if there were two or less teams competing.

13.4. Teams, in addition to receiving medals, will hold the Challenge Trophy for the particular event until the opening of the next Nordic Championships.

13.5. Challenge trophies will be handed to the Secretary of the Organising Committee, engraved and polished, immediately after the opening ceremony.

13.6. Winners may also receive various special prizes and/or awards which a city, community or another donor may wish to present for the competition.

13.7. A souvenir in the form of a commemorative medal, similar in design to the winners medals, but without a ribbon, is to be given to each team member.


14. Nordic records

14.1. Nordic Records may be established in all recognized ISSF and NSR  events in Olympic Games, World Championships, World Cups, Continental Championships, Continental Games that have been conducted according to the ISSF Rules and Regulations, and Nordic Senior Shooting Championships.

14.1.1. Finals Nordic Records may be established only in Olympic events for  Men and Women and those mentioned in the list of possible events and are comprised of the results of the Qualification Rounds added to the results of the Finals for each event.

14.2. Nordic Records, male and female, for individual and team, will be recognized if a minimum of six (6) shooters participate in the individual category and three (3) teams participate in the team category.

14.3. The NSR will issue a Nordic Record diploma to shooters or team members who establish Nordic Records.

14.4. If more than three (3) competitors per country are admitted to the World Cups, Nordic Records can only be achieved by the shooters nominated for the main competitions (not those entered for MQS only).

14.5. The Technical Delegate must submit reports for recognition of Nordic Records.

14.6. The hosting Federation will keep the list updated.


Approved in September 2006 in Copenhagen by the General Assembly.