Cycle for the organization of Nordic Shooting Championship


Organization of the Nordic Juniors Championship every second year.

Following this cycle each NSR member federation, from 2004 on, has to organize Nordic Championship every 10 year. Iceland who became a member later is not on the list.

List - Historical events:

Year Organizer Championship Place
1979 Sweden Skövde / Skepplanda
1981 Great Britain Bisley
1983 Denmark Copenhagen
1985 Finland Helsinki / Esbo
1987 Norway Oslo / Bærum
1989 Sweden Gävle
1990 Finland Juniors Rauma
1992 Great Britain Men, Women and Juniors Bisley
1994 Norway Juniors Oslo
1996 Denmark Men, Women and Juniors Vingsted / Copenhagen
1998 Sweden Juniors Uddevalla
2000 Finland Men, Women and Juniors Kouvola
2002 Denmark Juniors Copenhagen
2004 Norway Men, Women and Juniors Oslo
2006 Denmark Juniors Copenhagen
2008 Sweden Juniors Göteborg
2010 Finland Juniors Vierumäki / Hollola
2012 Norway Juniors Oslo
2014 Denmark Juniors Copenhagen
2016 Sweden Juniors Trollhättan

List - Upcoming events:

Year Organizer Championship Place
2018 Norway Juniors Oslo
2020 Finland Juniors N/A