Constitution of NSR


Art. 1 Origins

The Nordic Shooting Region was established in 1921 and now comprises the shooting sport federations of Denmark, Great Britain, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden. The first Constitution was established in 1968.

The Constitution will be interpreted and observed in the fine spirit of sportsmanship always prevailing within the Nordic shooting sport.


Art. 2 Aims and objectives

The purpose of the Nordic Shooting Region is to maintain, to strengthen and to develop the Nordic regional co-operation in the field of shooting as a sport, primarily by organizing the Nordic Shooting Championships, in turn between the member federations

Moreover the Nordic Shooting Region shall directly or indirectly ensure the common interests of the national federations in the European Shooting Confederation and in the International Shooting Sport Federation.


Art. 3 General Assembly

The highest authority of the Nordic Shooting Region is its General Assembly consisting a maximum of five (5) representatives from each of the respective national shooting federations.

The General Assembly will normally meet in connection with the Nordic Shooting Championships. The General Assembly meeting will be organised by the President and Secretary General.

The General Assembly will deal with any problem in the interest of the shooting sport of the Nordic Shooting Region but will also discuss and decide on matters concerning the relations to the European Shooting Confederation and to the International Shooting Sport Federation.

In order to be included in the Agenda of matters to be considered at the General Assembly, such matters, with information to the other member federations, should be submitted to the organizing federation not later than five (5) weeks before the meeting.

Three (3) weeks before the date of the General Assembly, the Agenda including all items and proposals should be mailed to all member federations along with the final program of the meeting.

The General Assembly will always decide on organizer of the next Nordic Junior Shooting Championships.

Furthermore, the General Assembly will elect the President and the Secretary General of the Region who will normally act throughout the next two (2) years.

The President of the Nordic Shooting Region will preferably be the president of the national shooting federation the turn of which it is to arrange the next following Nordic Junior Shooting Championships.

The General Assembly may exceptionally be summoned for extraordinary meetings at the request of at least two (2) national member federations.

Persons belonging to the NSR family who are having high positions within the ESC and/or the ISSF may be given an invitation to be present at the NSR General Assembly and/or Council.


Art. 4 The Council

The Council consists of two (2) authorized representatives of the respective national shooting federations.

The Council meeting will be organized by the President and the Secretary General of the Nordic Shooting Region every year.

The Council will prepare matters for discussion at the General Assembly.

The Council will take decisions on applications from Member Federations for organizing Single Discipline or Single Event Senior Nordic Championships for the following year, in accordance with the General Rules and Guidelines for these.

The Council will appoint a Technical Delegate(s) for each Nordic Championship.

The Council may take decisions on urgent matters, to be ratified by the General Assembly.


Art. 5 Technical Committee

The Technical Committee consists of a Chairman and a maximum of five (5) members, one representative from each of the respective national shooting federations. The Chairman is elected from within the Technical Committee. The functions of the Technical Committee are to provide Guidelines for Juries and International Judges courses within the Nordic Shooting Region, to assist organizers in preparing and conducting International Judges Courses and to propose changes of Rules and Regulations to the General Assembly.

The Technical Committee reports to the General Assembly and the Council.

The Minutes of any separate meeting of the Technical Committee will be  circulated to the Council by the Secretary General.

The Technical Committee will meet at least every second year, if possible with the Council.


Art. 6 Non permanent bodies

The General Assembly, or the Council, may establish additional non permanent bodies, like ad hoc committees, working groups etc. when it seems to be necessary.


Art. 7 Voting

Matters to be considered by the Council or General Assembly must be submitted to the national shooting federations at least 5 weeks before the meeting. Decisions are only binding when at least four (4) national shooting federations participate in the meeting, and when they are decided on with a minimum of four (4) votes for the proposal. A national shooting federation may give its vote by proxy in writing to another shooting federation.

Each national federation has one (1) vote.

Normally decisions are reached by show of hands or by voting cards. However, secret voting may also be used on request to decide a matter. Secret voting may be requested by any federation.

The same voting rights and majority as mentioned above also apply to any amendment of the Constitution of the Nordic Shooting Region as well as to any decision concerning the dissolution of the Region.


This, the revised Constitution was adopted by the General Assembly in Norway in June 1994 and by the General Assembly in Finland in July 2000 with changes only to the title of the International Shooting Sport Federation (ISSF) in 2002.

Changed and approved in September 2006 in Copenhagen by the General Assembly.