General Information


Welcome to the official page for the 2018 Nordic Shooting Championships! The championships will be organised by the Norwegian Shooting Association from August 23rd to 26th 2018 in the Oslo area, Norway.

On this page you will find information about the event as well as all relevant files and entry forms.

Please do also join our Facebook event page for updated information.

In addition, the NSR General Assembly 2018 will be held during the championships. Read more about the general assembly here.



Currently we are working on an updated timetable and overview of number of entries, however we are still waiting for some additional information before these are ready. We will update them as soon as we have the information available.

Some more general information: There will be a fee of 5 euros per pre-event training round for all three shotgun events. The fee can be paid with either cash or card at the range.


Invitations and general information:

Download the official invitation (bulletin #1) here.

Download additional information (bulletin #2) here.

Download the preliminary competition schedule here.



Download an overview of the Number of entries here.

In the above document you will find the preliminary number of entries for the Nordic Championships.

NOTE! In some of the events, there are less than six shooters. According to the regulations, it will only be awarded medals if a minimum of six shooters participate in each event. The events that currently does not qualify as a Nordic Championship are marked in red in the document, but we will still proceed with these events.